will Pink greatest hits feature cover for Australia [Brand]6/6/2013 8:51:57 AM
The former American Idol finalist,Fake oakleys singer Adam Lambert has acheived mainstream success after being catapulted to fame by appearing on the hit singing competition. From the very first note that was sung by the singer, the fans knew instantly that not only did he have what it takes to get through to the end of the competition, but that he would go on to be a huge star in the process. Lambert was then asked if he wanted to use it for his debut album, and he said yes. And what a good thing that he did  "WWFM" has gone on to be one of Lambert's most successful songs, not just as his second single, but the video as well.
As the report claims, Pink will feature a cover of "WWFM" on the Australian version of her greatest hits album.
If this in fact the case, fans will no doubt be excited to hear what Pink's rendition will be like. A few months ago, a video of Pink singing "WWFM" made its way onto YouTube, and fans liked how she sang the nowfamous hit single.
What do you think of this news? Are you excited?
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I love pink , I am a pink fan but still I feel It is wrong to be called pinks hit song. She gave to Adam Lambert for his debut CD. It has become a famous song for Adam Lambert(not a fan of Adam Lambert), Somehow it seems wrong to gift someone and then continue to tug on it like pink is doing. she is singing the song every opportunity she gets and now putting it in her album is just wrong. I like to continue to be Pink fan but now I have lost some of the respect for pink, some disillusion perhapes? I am asamed of myself as a Pink fan for stating this but I am being honest, I don't want my other Pink fans to feel what I am feeling. I love you Pink and feel protective of you and that is the only reason I am posting this. ROCK ON PINK.
I am a Pink fan and I feel that you gave up the song to Adam Lambert. Once gift it, It is not yours anymore. Pink you are a classy singer and very talented, kind, sweet person, atleast that is the Pink I know, love and adore. I am a fan from the begining of the Pink's journy, have attended many concerts and will continue to support her because she is a talented singer but to me this step she is taking is just wrong. Let this be a Adam Lambert song, It has his signature on it. ROCK ON LOVLY PINK! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
It's not JUST a Pink song. The song has three collaborators: Pink, Max Martin and Shelbeck and, of course, the guy that brought it to fame worldwide, Adam Lambert. And your article says that people liked Pink's rendition of the song. I checked on youtube and most comments were just polite, saying that there was no emotion felt from her rendition compared to Adam Lambert who really connects with his audience when he performs it live. Pink is a great artist, but why would she want to add this song on a CD now (why has she not done it initially)? If she does include it, she should then credit Adam Lambert's rendition and video on her CD.
Agree with the above! I am a fan of both Pink and Adam, was Pink fan fiorst but if she does this I will lose a little respect for her! Its not her hit,cheap oakley sunglasses never was! It became a hit from, like she said, an amazing singer singing it and the video was all Adam's which has recieved a MMVA for it! Dont understand how she can put it on her hit cd when it never was her hit! And I checked comments too on her singing it, the majority agreed that Adam sang it way better with passion and powerhouse vocals! DNW! Still love Pink's voice, but Adam did it better!
As an Adam fan I wish is fans can take a chill. Stop being so negative. The song went top 10 in 23 countries and top 5 in 13 countries. Even Pink knows she can't make it a bigger hit. It is just like Dolly Parton's "I will always love you" when Whitney Houston made it a big hit. It will always be Whitney's song. The song will not be released to radio so what is the big deal. I hope Pink including it will get more of her German and Australian fans to buy Adam's version. Pink is still a bigger star there. The song has run it's course. Adam already has a second platinum in Australia with his second single "If I had You" so the song is already old.

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Townsend Tennessee Hikes [Beautiful]5/13/2013 9:39:28 AM
´╗┐Townsend Tennessee Hikes Cross the long footbridge over Abrams Creek and turn left on the other side, following the creek downstream. The trail is well graded and packed hard from thousands of footsteps. In several spots, you have close-up views of the creek; at other points the creek is out of sight. Although Abrams Creek loses only a little more than 200 feet in elevation along this hike, the trail is not level. It undulates in typical Smokies fashion. Look for wildflowers at any time from March until September. In spring you might spot the uncommon (in the Smokies) fringed polygala. Highlights: Abrams Creek and Abrams Falls, swimming hole, wildflowers. Cross the long footbridge over Abrams Creek and turn left on the other side, following the creek downstream. The trail is well graded and packed hard from thousands of footsteps. In several spots, you have close-up views of the creek; at other points the creek is out of sight. Although Abrams Creek loses only a little more than 200 feet in elevation along this hike, the trail is not level. It undulates in typical Smokies fashion. Look for wildflowers at any time from March until September. In spring you might spot the uncommon (in the Smokies) fringed polygala. The temperature was 34 degrees and it sleeted lightly at different points along the hike. The weather was perfect. We didn't pass more than 8 hikers the entire way in or out, and it was very peaceful and quiet. The hike, while almost 5 miles round-trip, is fairly easy with gentle elevation changes and a very wide, smooth trail. The falls are gorgeous. We marched right up to them and sat down to eat our packed lunch not 10 feet away from the falling water. We had the place to ourselves. While the trees were bare, they were still beautiful. there are 2 approaches to this trail. greg's review is from the abram's creek ranger station and campground. our approach was from the parking lot near the mill in cades cove. very crowded for a 5 mile round trip hike. Passed approx 60 hikers on the way in and about the same on the way out. Hiked on a Sunday morning. falls are great. trail is wide and a moderate challenge. found families along the way regretting allowing their toddlers and children wear flip-flops. surface is rooty and a mild grade both ways. enjoyable hike but probably better taken during the week. excellent hike. beautiful scenery. the waterfall was awesome. there is a rock ledge to the left just before the falls that you can climb and walk to the top of the falls for a great view. then you can climb straight up the hill on the left side of the falls to get back to the trail instead of climbing back down the rock ledge. if you do this trail on a weekend, you might want to consider driving to the backside trail to the falls. it is about a 3 mile one way hike to the trails but this will save you a ton of driving time. the drive is longer but the traffic is horrible in cades cove on the weekends. if you dont mind taking about 4 hours to drive 11 miles, then go ahead and enter through cades cove loop. here are the directions to the backside trail. For backside of Abrams, you will do an end around the park. This will add some mileage to your hike as well. Candidly, it will take you awhile to make the drive, but the views on this drive are very special on the route. coming from Gatlinburg or pigeon forge, go west on Wears Valley Road or Laurel Creek to get to Towsend, take 321 North out of townsend toward Maryville. This parallels the Little River and just prior to getting to Walland you will see signs for The "Foothills Parkway". It is only 18 miles over the parkway. You will come to a t-intersection at Chilhowee Lake. Take a left and an another immediate left on Happy Valley Road. This Road dead ends at the ranger station. Take Little Bottoms Trail to Abrams Falls trail. As you return, and if you have time cut over on Hannah Mountain trail to Rabbit Creek Trail to make this a loop route. When you get back to the car, if you have time, you want to stop on the Foothills Parkway at look rock. This trail to the tower is paved. It is just 1/2 mile, steep, but the

LG BL20 New Chocolate review [Shop]5/5/2013 5:36:51 PM
´╗┐LG BL20 New Chocolate review The Chocolate revival is no news and the LG BL20 New Chocolate is not a headliner in the sense of the unique and inspired BL40. But we're still about to have another sugar-coated meeting with an extraordinary handset, fresh off the LG design board. The BL20 New Chocolate may not have the splendor of the BL40 but is definitely the spiritual successor to the original Chocolate series. Sequels are all over the place but the Chocolate series are somewhat different. LG have been so involved in touchscreen we're just realizing it's been more than a year since we last reviewed a regular phone of theirs. Anyway, the Chocolate series are back and we're about to see if the good old-fashioned recipe still works. OK, we may have a wee bit longer list of disadvantages here, but that's just because LG have spoiled us lately. They've been churning out better equipped handsets for quite some time and we didn't quite expect that minimalistic approach to a their latest fashionable handset. But then again, the BL20 is not an expensive all-in-one so in a sense, you get what you pay for. If fashion and the wow factor are your key buying considerations, the extra features are not the most important thing perhaps. It's the unique design, looks and colors that will have people looking at your hands when you are on the phone.

Katie Holmes Preps Designer Clothing Line For New York Fashion Week [Shop]5/5/2013 4:58:32 PM
katie holmes preps designer clothing line for new york fashion week But beyond the food -- plates of fried calamari also circulated around the rooftop lounge -- Wednesday night's kickoff party for New York City's third annual showcase of plus-size style felt unlike any mainstream fashion week bash. Designers and models exchanged hugs, not air-kisses. They beamed. That is why we did this collection called 'Spring Garden'. They might not know our names also. (laughs)We were enlightened and honoured. The Algerian war was on, and when Pierre Cardin's handsome young aide Andre Oliver was drafted into the army as a private, Cardin designed his uniform. Then, when Andre was shipped out to the war, Cardin flew him home to Paris every weekend to work on the new collection. There was a crisis when Cardin and movie star Jeanne Moreau somehow, and inexplicably, fell in love, depressing Andre, who promptly announced he was considering suicide. Many of the inventions and customs we now take for granted emerged during Louis XIV's reign. The marketing of fashion, for example, had a clear beginning in 1670, when fashion seasons became a marketing tool. At the same time, acquiring designer-made accessories became the rage, not unlike the designer-mania, as DeJean calls it, that we know today.. These countries take a top-down process of fashion democratization. China takes the bottom-up transformation and upgrading adjustment. China first had processing industry, and then the seeds of brand awareness and brand development and construction.. Oman. Pakistan. Palau. Everyone went crazy for the fur motocross jackets and were shocked to learn afterward that they are faux. Obando said he had been developing the faux fur pieces for more than a year with a German mill. He wanted furs that were all different colors, and he got them. Christians also have a long history of biblical interpretation, although it is perhaps not so institutionalised as the Jewish version. Christian biblical interpretation consists in part of going back to the Old Testament, and figuring out ways that the Old Testament relates to the New. The other part of Christian biblical interpretation (and really of biblical interpretation in general) is figuring out what exactly the things in the Bible mean, and how they relate to our everyday lives. I have to wear that.' And if you don't feel good in it, you're always going to be uncomfortable and adjusting and unsure. That's never going to be attractive. But when you see somebody who's even dressed simply and they are just owning it, that's always the appeal..

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